Physicians' Academy for Cardiovascular Education

Macrovascular Disease in diabetes;Opportunities for management

Slides (presentation) - Jan. 19, 2011

PACE Asia-Europe Expert Dialogue Diabetes and Vascular Protection Macrovascular Disease in Diabetes Opportunities for Management
Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease: Time To Act!
Framingham Study: CVD Events in Diabetic Patients (35–64yrs) 30-Year Follow-Up
Survival Post-MI in Diabetic and Non-diabetic Men and Women
Characteristics of LDL Subclasses
The Absolute Concentration of LDL-C Can be Misleading in Subjects with Small, Dense LDL?
LDL Subfractions “Control” vs Patient with Insulin Resistance
Statins:The Evidence Base.
Major Coronary Events in 4S: with and Without Diabetes
CHD Prevention Trials with Statins in Diabetic Patients Subgroup Analyses.
Heart Protection Study Diabetes Subgroups With/Without CHD or Other CVD
Intensive Lipid Lowering with Atorvastatin in Patients with Stable Coronary Disease Treat to New Targets Trial (TNT)
Changes in LDL Cholesterol
Time to First Major Cardiovascular Event Patients With Diabetes TNT Study
Acute Coronary Syndromes and Diabetes. Is Intensive Lipid Lowering Therapy Beneficial? Results of the PROVE IT-TIMI 22 Trial
High-Dose Atorvastatin after Stroke or Transient Ischaemic Attack The SPARCL Trial
Implications of Recent Trials Adult Treatment Panel III Guidelines Diabetes
CARDS: Collaborative AtoRvastatin Diabetes Study
Median Lipid Levels by Treatment
Cumulative Hazard for Primary Endpoint
Treatment effect on Primary Endpoint
Effect of Atorvastatin on Major CVD Events Patients with Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome
Cumulative Hazard for Stroke
Predictors of Stroke after Multivariate Analysis
Cumulative Hazard for Primary Endpoint in Older People
CARDS: Safety Overview
CARDS: Safety Overview
CARDS: Safety Overview Muscle-related Adverse Events
CARDS: Safety Overview Muscle-related Adverse Events

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