Physicians' Academy for Cardiovascular Education

(Pre) diabetes & sustained glycemic control:

Slides (presentation) - Jan. 28, 2011

(Pre) diabetes & sustained glycemic control:
How and what is the time to act?

Stanley S Schwartz, MD
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, USA
CDMC - Shanghai, january 2011

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Natural History of Type 2 Diabetes
Type 2 Diabetes: Two Principal Defects; Overview
Genes that Cause or are Associated with Diabetes
Size and Time of Meal Determine Postprandial Duration
Mechanism of Glucotoxicity and Lipotoxicity
Prevalence of Retinopathy vs Duration of Type 2 Diabetes
Abnormal PPG associated with Macrosomia
Clinical Consequences of Abnormal
Slide 18
Is it Possible to Delay the Onset of Type 2 DM?
ACT NOW Study Results:
And Reduce Variability
The New ADA Guidelines for Type 2 Diabetes
A Pathophysiologic Approach to Treating Diabetic Hyperglycemia

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