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RAS blockade in the real world:

Slides (presentation) - Jan. 29, 2011

RAS blockade in the real world:
Clinical lessons from recent trials

Sverre Kjeldsen, MD
Ullevaal University Hospital
Oslo, Norway
CDMC - Shanghai, january 2011

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LIFE: Primary Composite Endpoint
CHARM-Overall: CV death or CHF hosp.
Binding Ability to the AT1 Receptor
The Real Life Study: Hypothesis and Aim
Health Care in Sweden
Data Extraction in Primary Care
Prescription Patterns at Study Centers
Included Patients Per Year
Flow Chart
Two similar groups?
Baseline Characteristics
Up-titration of ARB
Ratio (candesartan/losartan)
Follow-up Time (months)
Blood Pressure Reduction
ARB Titration
Concomitant Medication
Conclusion – Conduct of Real Life
CVD Risk
Risk of Separate Endpoints
Hazard Ratio
REAL LIFE: Conclusions
What was the main driver of the results?
No difference in CIHD, MI or stroke?
Real Life – Outcomes in Subgroups
January 2011
Overall Survival
Survival Women
EF >40%
Conclusions Swedish Heart Failure Registry Study

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