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The concept of Diabetes & CV risk:

Slides (presentation) - Jan. 29, 2011

The concept of Diabetes & CV risk: A lifetime risk challenge

Prof John Deanfield, MD
University College London
London, United Kingdom
CDMC - Shanghai january 2011

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The concept of Diabetes & CV risk
Heart Protection Study: Impact of Diabetes on CV outcome
Cholesterol in China (2000-2001)
Diabetes in China : 1994-2008
Potentially Modifiable Risk Factorsand MI
Temporal Mortality Trends
Atherosclerosis:Risk Reduction Strategy Lifetime Risk
CARDS: Cumulative Hazard for MI and CV death
Steno-2 Study in T2 DM: CV Outcome*
Atherosclerosis: ‘Investing in your Arteries’
Coronary Heart Disease Mortality in Beijing 1984-1999
Prevalence of Atherosclerosis by Donor Age
CV Risk Factors in Childhood and Carotid IMT in Adults
Framingham Heart Study Lifetime Risk
Age and CV Risk in Diabetes
LDL Cholesterol and Coronary Heart Disease
Primary Prevention: Influence of Age
High-Normal BP and CVD Risk
Beyond BP?
BP Treatment in Type 2 DM
TROPHY Study: ARB in ‘Prehypertension’
Cardiovascular Continuum: Vascular Biology Targets
RAS Blockade, Adipocytes and Diabetes
Benefit of Treating the Metabolic Syndrome
CV Risk Management-Long way to go?

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