Physicians' Academy for Cardiovascular Education

TZD’s in the management of diabetes & CV disease:

Slides (presentation) - Jan. 29, 2011

TZD’s in the management of diabetes & CV disease:
All about benefits and safety

Prof. John Betteridge, MD
University College London
London, United Kingdom
CDMC - Shanghai 2011

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Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease: Time To Act!
Glucose Toxicity
UKPDS:Microvascular Complications, MI, and HbA1c
UKPDS Endpoints by Glucose Treatment Group
Patho-physiology of Type 2 diabetes
Free Fatty Acids: Insulin Resistance, IGT and Type 2 NIDDM
Pioglitazone 30-45 mg/d Reduces Plasma Glucose
Time to Primary Composite Endpoint
PROactive Total Events
Time to : Death, MI ( excluding silent ) or Stroke
Time to Fatal/Non-fatal MI
CHICAGO: Glycaemic Control Change in HbA1c
CHICAGO: Treatment effect on posterior wall mean CIMT
PROactive Metabolic Effects of Pioglitazone

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