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News - Mar. 20, 2011

The gateway to a cardiovascular research network

Vascular Research Network (VRN) is a unique partner in clinical research. VRN offers exclusive access to cardiovascular research and expertise in the Netherlands to the pharmaceutical industry and contract research organizations

VRN - Vascular Research Network

Vascular Research Network is an organization which main task is the mediation between researchers, sponsors, contract research organizations (CROs) and academic research organizations (AROs) during clinical research. VRN aims at clinical phase I, II, III and IV trials in the vast field of cardiovascular disease, dyslipidemia, diabetes, hypertension and obesity.

The network consists of 60 clinical research centers/researchers and a coordinating center with expertise in setting up, organizing and executing clinical trials. Most (+/- 50) of these research centers are located within hospitals. Because VRN collaborates closely with 6 academic hospitals in the Netherlands, the network has access to vast scientific expertise and can offer support during the development of study protocols and the case record form (CRF). Study monitoring (at modest scale) is also one of the capabilities of VRN.

The main goal of VRN is the central coordination and contracting of clinical research and mediating between sponsors and (independent) research centers to support both the sponsor as well as the clinical center, take research to a higher level, intensify recruitment and shorten the start-up timelines.

VRN facilitates the initiation and coordination of multicenter research thanks to their contacts with both the pharmaceutical industry as well as a selected number of research centers. In this way, rapid initiation, high-quality research and fast recruitment of large numbers of participating patients can be assured.


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