Physicians' Academy for Cardiovascular Education

CETP Inhibition

Slides (presentation) - Mar. 25, 2011

New Approaches to HDL Inhibition

View teaching slides on mechanisms and clinical trials with CETP inhibitors

New Approaches to HDL modification
The Inhibition of Cholesterol Ester Transfer Protein
CETP Levels and CAD risk:
RADIANCE 1 and 2 Study Designs
RADIANCE 1- Heterozygous FH Adverse Events (All Causality)
ILLUMINATE: Long-term Outcomes in Patients With CHD or CHD Risk Equivalence
On Trial Lipid Levels By Study Month
Primary Endpoint ILLUMINATE: Time to First MCVE: Kaplan-Meier Plot
Scientific Case for Developing the CETP inhibitor Anacetrapib
Anacetrapib Dose Ranging Study
Effect of HDL from Anacetrapib-treated Patients (300 mg) on Cholesterol Efflux from Human Macrophages
Effect of Torcetrapib and Anacetrapib on Blood Pressure in Rhesus Monkeys
The Effect of Torcetrapib and Anacetrapib on Aldosterone Secretion from Primary Rat Adrenocortical Cells
Development Strategy for Anacetrapib
Anacetrapib Program Timelines
Phase II/III: DEFINE, The Anacetrapib Safety study

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