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CV Risk and Lipids in Asia

Slides (presentation) - Apr. 7, 2011


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Cardiovascular disease (CVD), including stroke and coronary heart disease (CHD), is a leading cause of mortality in the East Asia and Pacific region, according to 2002 World Health Organization (WHO) statistics. For example, in China, stroke was responsible for more than 1.5 million deaths and CHD led to more than 700,000 deaths in 2002 alone.

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CV Risk and Lipids in Asia: Epidemiology
The Burden of CVD in Asia: Stroke Deaths by Country
The Burden of CVD in Asia: CHD Deaths by Country
Age-Standardized Stroke and CHD Death Rates by Country
Stroke Type in China
Projected Stroke and CHD Increase to2030
Burden of Diabetes in Asia
High Cumulative Incidence of Stroke in Asians With Type 2 Diabetes

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