Physicians' Academy for Cardiovascular Education

3rd MC Lipid Innovations

May 27, 2011

Master Class Lipid Innovations
Exploring the clinical value of innovations in Lipid management

Educational objectives of this Master Class were:
  • To explore the mechanisms underlying the complex interplay between the clinical benefit of (combined) lipid modulation and baseline serum lipid levels.
  • To review new data on effective lipid lowering and its relevance to treatment strategies and outcomes
  • To review the clinical significance of additional lipid lowering pathways in the management of atherosclerosis
  • To evaluate the effects of new HDL-C raising therapies on the risk of cardiovascular events in CV risk patients
  • To understand the medical need for aggressive lipid management in patients at high CV risk, such as DM and metabolic syndrome
  • To develop a consensus on practical guidelines for day-to-day lipid management of patients with atherosclerosis and CV risk



Expert opinions with faculty members

Watch the participating faculty members provide brief overviews of the major topics of their presentations and comment on recent developments in lipid management

View the Powerpoint presentations

Selected slides with permission of the faculty members

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