Physicians' Academy for Cardiovascular Education

Optimal blood pressure management

3' education - July 22, 2011

Targeting blood pressure: what are the optimal targets in CV risk and diabetes?

In this expert interview, prof. Gordon McInnes gives a introduction to explain the on the clinical value of blood pressure reduction in reduction of stroke, and other cardiovascular complications. He discusses the cascade in therapeutic approach starting with lifestyle modification, and the initiation of drug therapy if the former approach fails. In the choice of medications he discusses various options and the role of combination therapy in hypertension including a compact recommendation “start low, go slow”.

Questions to be addressed in this PACE expert opinion are:
  • What is the optimal approach to achieve a lower blood pressure?
  • What steps would we take in the approach to lowering blood pressure?
  • How should we weigh individual factors in relation to the set target in blood pressure management


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More about the speaker

Prof Gordon McInnes
Professor of Clinical Pharmacology. He is Deputy Head of Division (West) of the Division of Cardiovascular and Medical Sciences

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