Physicians' Academy for Cardiovascular Education

Targeting Lifetime CV risk

3' education - July 22, 2011

Lifetime cardiovascular risk: a new era for prevention

Professor Deanfield and professor Hobbs discuss the shift in focus from treating patients with clinical problems arising from established cardiovascular disease to cardiovascular prevention in patients with risk factors for developing cardiovascular disease.
To estimate the individual risk of people at risk, calculation of lifetime risk is disussed. Many may currently be at a low risk of developing cardiovascular events, but have a considerable risk of developing a cardiovascular event over the course of their lifetime.

View prof Deanfield in discusion with prof Hobbs

About the speakers

Prof John E Deanfield
Professor John Deanfield is the British Heart Foundation's Professor of Cardiology at University College London (UCL), the Director of UCL's Centre for Cardiovascular Prevention and Outcomes, Deputy Head of UCL's Institute of Cardiovascular Science and the Head of the Vascular Physiology Unit at the Institute of Child Health.

Prof Richard Hobbs
Professor Richard Hobbs is Professor and Head of Primary Care Health Sciences at the University of Oxford and a Senior Research Fellow at Harris Manchester College. He also continues to work as a part-time Principal in General Practice at Bellevue Medical Centre in Birmingham.

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