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Diabetes & CV Risk: routine practice versus guidelines

3' education - July 29, 2011

Diabetes & CV Risk: routine practice versus guidelines

Professor Eberhard Standl discusses the importance of using practice surveys to guideline recommendations to assess the potential for improvement in real-life. As an issue in current cardiovascular risk in developed and developing areas of the world he addresses life style; the absence of physical exercise paired with the continuous availability of energy-rich foods. He also discusses the considerations in therapeutic options in diabetes.

Questions to be addressed in this PACE expert opinion are:
  • What is the role of registries in identifying the gap between the guidelines and real life?
  • What are the leading causes of the diabetes epidemic?
  • How can we prevent the onset of diabetes?
  • What is your view on pharmacologic intervention in diabetes?

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About the speaker

Dr. Eberhard Standl is Professor of Medicine, endocrinologist and angiologist, chairman of the Munich Diabetes Research Group/Diabetes Research Institute Munich , Germany

Teaching slides

Diabetes & CV Risk:

Routine practice versus guidelines

Eberhard Standl, MD
Professor of Medicine
Munich Diabetes Research Group/ Diabetes Research Institute.MD
Munich, Germany
CDMC - Munich, May 2011

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