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How to develop a national strategy to prevent CV disease?

3' education - Sep. 8, 2011

How to develop a national strategy to prevent cardiovascular disease

In this video interview Professor Sir Boyle discusses the current health care system in the United Kingdom with a focus on the tangible improvements in cardiovascular health seen in the last years, which have resulted in a considerable reduction in cardiovascular mortality. Due to the modernization of cardiac care, better outcomes, and reduction of costs of care, only small increments in health care costs are annually seen, even below inflation rates. He emphasizes the need for education to improve cardiovascular health further, on a societal level as well as individual education.
Questions to be addressed in this PACE expert opinion are:
  • What can we learn from the British health care system?
  • Is the healthcare system going to be sustainable?
  • What initiatives have been set up to improve cardiovascular health?
  • What are the recommendations to imrpove adherence to therapy?

View the expert opinion interview with prof. Sir Boyle

About the speaker

Professor Sir Roger Boyle
National director for heart disease and stroke
Department of Prevention
Outcomes Implementing Science Economics (POISE)
University College London, UK

Professor Sir Roger Boyle was appointed as National Director for Heart Disease in March 2000 and has led the implementation of the National Service Framework for Coronary Heart Disease. He published the National Stroke Strategy in December 2007. He is Chairman of the Vascular Topics Consideration Panel for NICE and is a member of the Referral Oversight Group at the Department of Health. Roger Boyle has been a member of the Council of the British Cardiac Society since 1991 and was formerly Chairman of the Specialty Advisory Committee for training in Cardiology. Professor Boyle is currently working on implementation of the stroke strategy and the NSF for Heart Disease, both of which contribute to the programme for reduction of cardiovascular risk as well as supporting the Next Stage Review.

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How to develop a national strategy to prevent cardiovascular disease?

Prof. Roger Boyle
National Director for Heart Disease and Stroke
University College London, Department of Health,  London

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