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REVERSAL revisited:

Slides (presentation) - Dec. 1, 2011

REVERSAL revisited: Statin therapy & the regression of coronary atheroma

Slides prepared by

John Kastelein, MD
Academic Medical Centre
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
presentred at PACE CV master Class in dubai, November 18, 2011

REVERSAL revisited
PROVE IT: Study Design
IVUS Determination of Atheroma Area
Reversal of Atherosclerosis
REVERSAL: Intensive Lipid Lowering
Saturn: Background
SATURN: Objective
SATURN; Study Design
SATURN Trial: Flow of Patients
SATURN: Clinical Characteristics
SATURN: Time-Weighted Lipid Levels and hsCRP
SATURN: Primary IVUS Efficacy Parameter
SATURN: Secondary IVUS Efficacy Parameter
SATURN: Fraction of Patients Exhibiting Regression
LDL-C and Disease Progression
Second CTT cycle:
Second CTT cycle:
Proportional effects on MAJOR VASCULAR EVENTS
Proportional effects on CANCER INCIDENCE
Absolute effect of statin therapy
Lee et al. JACC 2011;58 :1664–71
Estimates of the Rate of the Primary

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