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ACS & Diabetes

Slides (presentation) - Sep. 18, 2012

ACS and Diabetes
Potential role of new antidiabetic therapies

Presented by prof John Betteridge, University College London, United Kingdom
At PACE Snapshot meeting, August 24, 2012 in Munich

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RCTs intensive versus standard glycaemic
diabetes & vascular disease
Diabetes CV guidance
Pathogenesis of Hyperglycaemia
Glucagon –like Peptide 1 (GLP1)
Insulin Secretion Cellular Processes
DPP4 - EASD Lisbon
Insulin Secretion in the Beta Cell
TAK-875 or glimepiride
TAK-875 or glimepiride
PPAR alpha and gamma
Benefits of Pioglitazone: Lipid Metabolism
HDL may promote reverse..
Aleglitazar, Fenofibric Acid and Pioglitazone
SYNCHRONY - Effects of Aleglitazar
SYNCHRONY - Aleglitazar -Lipids
Aleglitazar – ALECARDIO

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