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Residual risk and HDL-cholesterol:

Slides (presentation) - Oct. 5, 2012

Residual risk and HDL-cholesterol: What are the current perspectives?

Selection of slides prepared & presented by:
Prof. Erik Stroes, MD
Department of vascular medicine, Academic Medical Centre, Amsterdam
at PACE Lipid Master Class
Budapest, September 21-22, 2012

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Residual risk and HDL-cholesterol
Is There a Therapeutic Need
Selecting ‘promising’ candidates
HDL(-c) is ‘a mixed bag
Many ways to increase HDL-c
Outline HDL-c and CV-protection
Quantity versus Quality
HDL Increases Cholesterol Flux
Static versus Dynamic
HDL protection beyond RCT
HDL Improves Endothelial Function
HDL: carrier or carrier-‘platform‘ ?
Summary I protective mechanisms
Epidemiology versus Genetics LDL vs HDL
Summary II Epidemiology vs Genetics
‘Negative’ HDLc trials Revisited
Reasons for adverse outcome Torcetrapib
Off-target effects of Torcetrapib
Why did dalcetrapib fail
Other CETP-Inhibitors
Lessons HDLc-increasing trials
Therapies on the Horizon
Targeting cholesterol ‘flux’ by increasing ApoA-I
Indications for ‘apo-AI/HDL infusables’
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