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Importance of BP control

Slides (presentation) - Dec. 17, 2012

Importance of BP control

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  1. Pathophysiology of blood pressure changes with ageing
  2. Cardiovascular mortality risk doubles with each 20/10 mmHg increase in systolic/diastolic BP
  3. Systolic blood pressure is all that matters
  4. BP-Lowering Treatment Trialists
  5. Predictive power of systolic vs. diastolic BP
  6. The majority of patients with hypertension in Europe remain untreated
  7. Approximately 70% of patients who receive treatment do not reach BP goal
  8. Prevalence of awareness and controlled hypertension in Asia
  9. Blood pressure control rates in Asia

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Importance of BP control
Pathophysiology of Blood Pressure changes with Ageing
Cardiovascular Mortality Risk Doubles with each 20/10 mmHg Increase in Systolic/Diastolic BP*
Slide 4
BP-Lowering Treatment Trialists
Predictive Power of Systolic vs. Diastolic BP on Overall Cardiovascular Outcomes >65 yrs
The Majority of Patients with Hypertension in Europe Remain Untreated
Approximately 70% of Patients who receive treatment do not reach BP goal
Prevalence of Awareness and Controlled Hypertension in Asia
Blood Pressure Control Rates in Asia

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