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Cardiovascular Disease in Asia: Hypertension

Slides (curriculum) - Dec. 22, 2012

2012 Updated. A slide lecture kit with a focus on the burden of cardiovascular disease and hypertension in Asia. With updates on hypertension as a risk factor, new guidelines and treatment strategies. Also the importance of ABPM blood pressure measurment and updates on effective management of blood pressure are provided with a particular focus on the Renin Angiotensin System.

  Slides • 22-12-2012

CV Risk and Lipids in Asia: Epidemiology

Slide lecture program (17 slides): View & Download The Burden of CVD in Asia: Stroke Deaths by Country The Burden of CVD in Asia: CHD Deaths by Country Age-Standardized Stroke and CHD Death Rates by Country Stroke Type in China Projected Stroke and CHD Increase to 2030 Burden of Diabetes in Asia  High Cumulative Incidence of Stroke in Asians With Type 2 Diabetes Increase in Age-Standardized Mean Total Cholesterol Levels in East and Southeast Asia and Pacific Region Association of Stroke Mortality With Usual Total Cholesterol by Age Relationship of Cholesterol Level to CV Mortality in Asians Association Between Usual Cholesterol Level and CHD Death or Nonfatal MI Association Between Usual Cholesterol Level and Stroke Association Between Usual Cholesterol Level and Ischemic Stroke Association Between Usual Cholesterol Level and Hemorrhagic Stroke

Slides • 22-12-2012

Managing Blood Pressure

Slide lecture program (6 PPT slides), with , ESH 2003: Possible combinations of different classes of antihypertensive agents,  BP reductions achieved in recent trials, RAAS versus Non-RAAS regimens on CV endpoints, Persistence with antihypertensive therapy after 1 and 4 years of treatment, Persistence with different classes of BP-lowering drugs.

Slides • 22-12-2012

The Renin Angiotensin System

Slide lecture program (7 PPT slides): View & Download: The Cardiovascular Continuum, the renin–angiotensin system, RAAS Blockade and Cardio-Renal Protection in Clinical Outcome Trials

Slides • 22-12-2012

Role of ARB's: focus on candesartan

Slide lecture program (20 slides): Antagonist: AT1 receptor interaction, Chemical Structures of ARBs, The TROPHY Study, The CLAIM study, Real Life study, CHARM study programme, Comparison of antihypertensive agents.

Slides • 22-12-2012

BP management: Rationale for combination therapy

Slide lecture program (5 slides): BP lowering Drug Efficacy - Monotherapy, The importance of combination therapy,Use of combination therapy in clinical practice, Effect of two drugs in combination

Slides • 30-3-2012

Cardiovascular Disease in Asia

Slide lecture program (6 PPT slides):  The burden of CVD in Asia: Stroke,  Projected Stroke and CHD increase in China, - South-East Asia: Deaths in 2000 attributable to leading risk factors,  Age-standardized stroke and CHD death rates by country,  Classic CV Risk factors ars consistent and common.

Slides • 30-3-2012

New ARB's: Potential role of azilsartan (+ chlorthalidone)

Slide lecture program (7 slides): Azilsartan, efficacy: 24-h Mean BP , Clinic BP , Trough Sitting Clinic SBP, Sustained efficacy, Change in SBP by ABPM,

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