Physicians' Academy for Cardiovascular Education

Cardiovascular Risk Master Class 2013 - 2014

Teaching slides on CV risk management

Slides (curriculum) - May 9, 2013

Teaching slide curriculum derived from lectures presented by faculty during the PACE Cardiovascular Risk Master Classes. The teaching slides are aimed to provide support to participants for use in regional educational programs. Slides will be frequently updated.

Cardiovascular risk

  Slides • 10-5-2013

Cardiovascular Risk: A global issue

Teaching slides addressing the global issues and epidemiology of cardiovascular disease and different risk factors

Lipid management

Slides • 10-5-2013

Landmark trials with statins

An overview of different landmark trials with statin therapy

Slides • 10-5-2013

Cholesterol Lowering and CV Risk: Meta-analyses

An overview of different meta-analysis on cholesterol lowering and cardiovascular risk

Slides • 12-5-2013

Landmark statin trials across the spectrum of risk: Secondary stroke prevention

                  Teaching slides addressing secondary stroke prevention and statin therapy


Diabetes & macrovascular disease

Slides • 16-5-2013

Macrovascular disease in diabetes

49 Teaching slides addressing macrovascular disease in diabetes and lipid management  

Hypertension & cardiovascular disease

Slides • 24-5-2013

Managing hypertension

Teaching slides addressing hypertension and cardiovascular disease, blood pressure managent.

Novel therapies in lipid management

Slides • 20-6-2013

Novel therapies for the prevention of atherosclerotic vascular disease

Teaching slides prepared and presented by Prof John Kastelein, AMC, Amsterdam, The Netherlands at the Cardiovascular Risk Master Classes in May 2013



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