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New JBS3 guidelines on prevention of CVD

New guidelines on Cv Risk March 26

News - Mar. 19, 2014

The JBS3 report  on 26th March 2014. 

The JBS3 will focus on the idea of lifetime prevention, moving away from the 10 year risk model used in JBS2. The JBS3 will include a Risk Calculator for practitioners to use with patients, which will illustrate the risk of cardiovascular disease and the benefits that can be gained by interventions.  This risk calculator will be freely accessible on this website, once the JBS3 has been launched.

The JBS3 group consists of representatives from the following organisations and is chaired by Prof John Deanfield, with administration from the British Cardiovascular Society. 
If you have any enquiries on the JBS3, please contact

British Societies involved in the JBS3:
Association of British Clinical Diabetologists 
British Association of Cardiac Rehabilitation 
British Association for Nursing in Cardiovascular Care 
British Cardiovascular Society 
British Heart Foundation 
British Hypertension Society 
British Renal Society 
Department of Health 
Diabetes UK 
Heart UK 
Primary Care Cardiovascular Society 
The Renal Association 
Stroke Association

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