Physicians' Academy for Cardiovascular Education

SNAPSHOT meeting 2014

Aug. 30, 2014

Novel interventions in CVD: Controversies & hot issues.

This PACE snapshot closed meeting was aimed to provide members of the PACE foundation and industry partners a state of the art and comprehensive overview of different novel interventions in the future management of cardiovascular disease, and a platform for discussion, debate and exchange.

This PACE Snapshot session is an initiative of the PACE foundation as part of its mission, which includes the review, exchange and assimilation of important new data underlying cardiovascular disease & diabetes and accelerate this information into clinical practice.

The session is designed in a format with multiple short introductions by leading experts, covering a broad field of innovations in cardiovascular risk factor management, such as hypertension, lipid management, and diabetes, including time for discussion and debate.


An impression of the controversies and hot issues discussed at the PACE SNAPSHOT meeting

This meeting provided a comprehensive update of the latest developments and challenges in the managament of CVD. What follows is an impression of what was discussed.

Meeting resources will be provided to PACE members

This session will be updated in the next weeks with more slides, faculty interviews and video presentations.

Presentations (to view & download in PDF) presented during the symposium

LDL-c lowering by statins & cholesterol absorption inhibitors: Do we need anything new?

Presentation by prof. Chris Packard, Glasgow, United Kingdom

Innovating hypertension management beyond current therapies: What are the opportunities?
Presentation by prof. Bryan Williams, London, United Kingdom

PCSK9 Inhibition: The final step in cholesterol lowering?
Presentation by prof. Evan Stein, Cincinnati, OH, USA

Hypertriglyceridemia: New small-molecule based strategies
Presentation by prof. Christie Ballantyne, MD, Huston TX, USA


HDL mimetics for ACS treatment: What’s new?
Presentation by prof. Kausik Ray, London, United Kingdom

Diabetes and reducing CVD: Are novel interventions living up to their promise?
Presentation by prof. Naveed Sattar, MD, Glasgow, United Kingdom

Antisense drugs to lower LDL-c & TGs: Where are we now?
Presentation by prof. John Kastelein, MD, Amsterdam, the Netherlands


3-minute webcast with faculty

Innovating hypertension: targeting the underlying disease process
Prof. Bryan Williams (London) urges the need for innovation to control systolic BP in our aging population

IMPROVE-IT: Scenarios for understanding the results
Prof. Chris Packard (Glasgow) reviews the potential implications of new LDL-c lowering clinical trial outcomes for ezetimibe and new therapeutic options such as PCSK9 inhibitors

Webcast • Snapshot 2014

PCSK9 inhibition: Clinical Update 2014

Dr. Evan Stein, Cincinnati, USA, with an overview of phase III data with the PCSK9 inhibitor evolocumab as were presented in 2014

Webcast • Snapshot 2014

HoFH: New insights in prevalence and therapy

Dr. Kees Hovingh, Amsterdam, NL, shares some new insights in the prevalence of Familial Hypercholesterolemia and novel therapeutic options to lower LDL-c in this patient population

Webcast • Snapshot 2014

What do novel diabetes drugs add to CV risk reduction?

Prof. Naveed Sattar, Glasgow, UK provides his view on the potential role of novel diabetes drugs in CV risk management

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