Physicians' Academy for Cardiovascular Education

CVRM Moscow 2014


10' education - Sep. 27, 2014

Lectures held during CV Risk master Class, October 17, Moscow, Russia

Dyslipideamia and atherosclerosis issues in Russia:Epidemiology, diagnosis and treatment
Prof Andrey V Susekov, MD, Moscow, Russia

CV risk: A novel early intervention strategy to prevent cardiovascular disease
Prof John Deanfield, MD. UCL, London, United Kingdom

Latest insights from lipid trials: What are the lessons for clinical practice?
Prof. Kausik Ray, MD, St George’s University of London, United Kingdom
Atherosclerosis is a disease of the liver
Prof. Oxana Drapkina, MD, Moscow, Russia

The role of BP management in addressing CVD & stroke: Evolving therapeutic insights
Prof John Deanfield, MD, UCL, London, United Kingdom

The diabetic patient and cardiovascular risk: Update on best strategies for prevention
Prof. Kausik Ray, MD, London, United Kingdom

Understanding new international guidelines to tackle CV Risk: A practical model
Prof.John Deanfield, MD, London, United Kingdom

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