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ISA2015: Accepted abstracts

June 12, 2015

The 17th International Symposium on Atherosclerosis (ISA2015) reflected the start of a new era in atherosclerosis research, combining insights in lipid metabolism, inflammation, epidemiology, genetics, imaging and more, and translating this into novel therapeutic strategies. You will find all 800 accepted abstracts on this website.

If you are looking for a person or a subject, open one of the files below and search with ctrl + f.

ISA2015 abstracts 1-250.pdf (9,4MB)ISA2015 abstracts 1-250.pdf (9,4 MB)
ISA2015 abstracts 251-500.pdf (14,1MB)ISA2015 abstracts 251-500.pdf (14,1 MB)
ISA 2015 abstracts 501-750.pdf (14,5MB)ISA 2015 abstracts 501-750.pdf (14,5 MB)
ISA 2015 abstracts 751-1040.pdf (7,1MB)ISA 2015 abstracts 751-1040.pdf (7,1 MB)
ISA2015 All abstracts.pdf (45,0MB)ISA2015 All abstracts.pdf (45,0 MB)
Clinical Breakthroughs abstracts.pdf (2,8MB)Clinical Breakthroughs abstracts.pdf (2,8MB)

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