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Increased acute CV risk 1 hour after moderate and heavy alcohol consumption

Alcohol and Immediate Risk of Cardiovascular Events: A Systematic Review and Dose-Response Meta-Analysis

Literature - Mostofsky E, Chahal HS, Mukamal KJ, et al. - Circulation 2016; published online ahead of print

Main results

Moderate alcohol consumption was associated with

-a lower risk of IS after one week (6 drinks associated with 19% lower risk)

Heavy alcohol drinking was associated with

A U-shaped association was observed between the amount of alcohol intake within the 24 hours prior to MI onset and MI risk (pcurve<0.001) with

When considering a week following alcohol consumption, a lower risk of MI was seen with moderate intake, and a higher risk after heavy alcohol consumption.

Similar U-shaped associations were observed for IS risk (pcurve=0.007) and for HS risk (pcurve=0.02).


Immediately following alcohol consumption, both harmful and protective physiologic responses take place. Moderate and heavy alcohol consumption was associated with a higher immediate CV risk in the hour after alcohol intake. After 24 hours, habitual moderate alcohol consumption was associated with a CV benefit, but heavy alcohol consumption was associated with continued CV risk.


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