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Meeting Impression | Outcomes of GLP-1 RA in Diabetes & CVD

Meeting Impression | Outcomes of GLP-1 RA in Diabetes & CVD

Munich, Germany - August 27, 2018

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This EBAC-accredited symposium was held during ESC 2018 in Munich, Germany. Prof. Deanfiel, dr. Knop and prof. Rydén presented evidence on the cardiovascular (CV) risk associated with type 2 diabetes (T2DM). Acknowledging that T2DM is a state of enhanced CV risk, in combination with the advent of novel antiglycemic agents that also provide CV benefit, paves the way for a new, broader approach of T2DM management. Rather than focusing on glucose lowering, management needs to be directed at reducing and delaying CV complications in T2DM patients. In the symposium, it was discussed how recent outcome trial data with GLP-1RA can be translated to clinical practice.

Educational information

This is a summary of the PACE symposium entitled 'Outcomes of GLP-1 RA in Diabetes & CVD: What are the key opportunities for cardiology practice?', held during ESC in Munich, Germany, on August 27, 2018.

The educational objectives of the symposium were to:


Prof. John E Deanfield (London, United Kingdom): Diabetes & CVD: Time for a multifactorial approach

Dr. Filip K. Knop, MD, PhD (Copenhagen, Denmark): GLP-1 receptor agonists: The cardiovascular benefits beyond glucose control

Lars Rydén, MD (Stockholm, Sweden): Translating GLP-1 trial outcomes to cardiology practice: Which patients will benefit?


This symposium was supported by an unrestricted educational grant received from Novo Nordisk

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