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Meeting Impression | PCSK9 inhibition: Science, outcomes & guidance

Meeting Impression | PCSK9 inhibition: Science, outcomes & guidance

August 25, 2018 - Munich, Germany

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This EBAC-accredited symposium was held during ESC 2018 in Munich, Germany. Prof. Ference, prof. Robinson and prof. Kastelein discussed PCSK9 as validated therapeutic target in CVD and translation into clinical practice. Combined data on PCSK9 inhibitors and statins were presented by prof. Ference, showing biologically and therapeutically equivalent effects of these two drugs on CV risk reduction. The selection of eligible patients for PCSK9 inhibition therapy was presented by prof. Robinson, focusing on patients at risk and phenotypes. Prof. John Kastelein discussed issues surrounding prescription of PCSK9 inhibitors and future perspective, with focus on other lipid-lowering therapies in statin-intolerant patients.

Educational information

This is a summary of the PACE symposium entitled 'PCSK9 inhibition: Science, outcomes & guidance', held during ESC in Munich, Germany, on August 27, 2018.

The educational objectives of the symposium were to:


Prof. Brian Ference, MD (Cambridge, United Kingdom): PCSK9 as target for treatment: The genetic validation

Prof. Jennifer Robinson, MD (Iowa, USA): Novel PCSK9 outcomes in perspective: Lessons from FOURIER & ODYSSEY

Prof. John JP Kastelein, MD (Amsterdam, The Netherlands): Targeting PCSK9 in clinical practice: Guidance & future

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