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Meeting Impression | Heart Failure, diabetes and SGLT2i: Time to change practice?

Meeting Impression | Heart Failure, diabetes and SGLT2i: Time to change practice?

May 25, 2019 – Athens, Greece

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This EBAC-accredited symposium was held during ESC HF 2019 in Athens, Greece. Prof. Cowie talked about what every HF cardiologist should know about treating diabetes. Prof. Verma described the potential mechanisms by which SGLT2 inhibitors (SGLT2i) mediate their beneficial effects and he presented experimental data on beneficial effects of SGLT2i in the absence of diabetes. Prof. Lam shared real-world data of the Asian-HF registry and comparisons with data from other parts of the world. Finally, possible future strategies with SGLT2i were discussed by prof. Voors and he gave an update on ongoing trials.

Educational information

This is a summary of the PACE symposium titled 'Heart Failure, diabetes and SGLT2i: Time to change practice?', held during ESC HF in Athens, Greece, on May 29, 2019.

The educational objectives of the symposium were to:


Prof. Martin Cowie, MD (Imperial College London, UK) - The essentials for diabetes and heart failure

Prof. Subodh Verma, MD (Toronto, ON, Canada): Why could patients with HF and T2DM benefit from SGLT2i?

Prof. Carolyn Lam, MD, PhD (Singapore): Real world evidence and outcomes in the management of heart failure patients with T2DM

Prof. Adriaan Voors,, MD (Groningen, The Netherlands): The future of SGLT2i in HF: Managing patients without T2DM?

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