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ACC statement on CV considerations for COVID-19 vaccine allocation

News - Feb. 23, 2021

The ACC has recently released a health policy statement on CVD considerations and COVID-19 vaccine prioritization. The statement includes a proposed schema that outlines CV clinical risk considerations within the broader context of overall risk considerations, which include exposure, disparities, health care access, advanced age, and multimorbidity. In addition, it offers specific guidance on the incorporation of CV risk into vaccine allocation decisions.

In the statement, specific contributions of CV conditions to COVID-19 infection and severity are reviewed. CV conditions that should be considered at high risk for adverse outcomes associated with COVID-19 include: hypertension, diabetes, obesity, ASCVD, cardiac dysrhythmia, HF, prior heart transplant, pulmonary hypertension and adult congenital heart disease. In addition, patients with CVD in combination with noncardiac comorbidities, such as CKD, an immunocompromised status, or hypercoagulability amongst others, are also considered increased risks for morbidity and mortality in COVID-19.

The ACC recommend that those individuals with relatively higher CV risk should be prioritized for COVID-19 vaccines over individuals with lower CV risk. Examples include:

Find this statement online at J Am Col Cardiol

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