Physicians' Academy for Cardiovascular Education

Physicians' Academy for Cardiovascular Education

The rationale for establishing the PACE-CME, the Physicians’ Academy for Cardiovascular Education foundation comes from the recognition that physician education plays an increasingly important role in our efforts to reduce the burden of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. This has never been more critical than in today’s information age, where the science of medicine and innovation progress at such a rapid pace that the practicing physician simply cannot keep up. Yet, important scientific and clinical discoveries are rapidly reshaping therapeutic approaches to many common diseases, particularly in cardiovascular medicine.

The goal of PACE-CME is to help physicians assimilate the proven findings of scientific research into the day-to-day practice of clinical medicine, all in the interest of improving outcomes in patients.

Mission PACE-CME

To improve the cardiovascular health of patients by providing a forum for the review, exchange, and assimilation of new scientific findings underlying cardiovascular disease and accelerating the translation of this information into clinical practice patterns.

PACE-CME: Educational programmes

PACE-CME offers programmes in a variety of educational settings which all continue the time-honoured tradition of physician-to-physician education, supported by a web-based education platform.

On this website an overview is provided of educational news, relevant publications, teaching resources such as expert opinions and slide lecture presentations derived from the different educational programmes conducted under auspices of the PACE-CME.

Funding & Disclosures

PACE-CME received funding via unrestricted educational grants from different companies.

As one of the co-founding partners of the goodCME Practice group we have pledged to uphold the following four core principles in Independenmt Medical Education and CME. Also see

In 2021 and 2022 we received funding for our educational programs and activities from:

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