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Surviving elevated Lp(a): a patient story from diagnosis to treatment

10' education - May 27, 2016 - Innsbruck, Germany - Sandra Revill Tremulis, MBA - FRIDAY, MAY 27, 2016, lunch symposium at Lp(a) symposium prior to EAS

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  • The personal story of the founder of the Lipoprotein(a) Foundation 0:01
  • The Lipoprotein(a) Foundation - aiming to identify individuals with elevated Lp(a) 4:36
  • Objectives of the foundation: advocacy, community education and patient support 6:49
  • Setting up a registry: the Lp(a) Foundation Patient Natural History Study 7:52


Sandra Revill Tremulis is the Founder of the Lipoprotein(a) Foundation, with the vision to live in a world where elevated Lp(a) is routinely diagnosed, treated and family screened.

There is currently no treatment for high Lp(a). The foundation has a long way to go, but they are starting the conversation about inherited premature cardiovascular disease due to high Lipoprotein(a). Sandra does not want anyone to experience the tragic loss of a family member. She wants the research data -- and a treatment -- to be in place to help her daughter and all those children who have a high risk of inheriting elevated Lp(a) from their parents, to protect them from these serious and tragic risks.

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