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Review of 8 trials on clinical benefit of ezetimibe on top of statins

Addition of ezetimibe to statins for patients at high cardiovascular risk: Systematic review of patient-important outcomes

Literature - Fei Y, Guyatt GH, Alexander PE, et al. - J Eval Clin Pract, 2017; published online ahead of print

Main results


Based on the IMPROVE-IT study, which comprised 93% of patients within the 8 eligible trials analysed, ezetimibe as add-on therapy to moderate‐dose statins is likely to result in 17 fewer MIs and possibly 6 fewer strokes/1000 treated over 6 years, but is unlikely to reduce all‐cause mortality or CV death. No specific increased harms were associated with the addition of ezetimibe to statins. Results of the 7 smaller trials were consistent with those of the IMPROVE-IT study. This systematic review contributes to the required evidence‐base for updating clinical practice guidelines in the face of the IMPROVE‐IT trial.


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