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DPP-4 inhibitor decreases aortic pulse wave velocity in diabetic patients

Effect of linagliptin on pulse wave velocity in early type 2 diabetes (RELEASE): a randomized, double-blind, controlled 26-week trial

Literature - de Boer SA, Heerspink HJL, Juárez Orozco LE, et al. - Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism 2017; published online ahead of print

Main results


These data may confirm the hypothesis based on previous observations, that linagliptin exert favourable vascular effects beyond glucose-lowering. Compared with placebo, linagliptin decreased aortic PWV, a measure of arterial stiffness and predictor of CV events, in 44 early T2DM subjects after 26 weeks of treatment. This suggest that linagliptin has a favourable effect on arterial stiffness and further studies need to assess whether this translates to improvement of CV outcome on the long-term.


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