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DAPT improves patency of saphenous vein graft at 1 year post-CABG

DACAB - Efficacy and Safety of Dual Acetylsalicylic Acid plus Ticagrelor or Ticagrelor Alone Antiplatelet Strategy after Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery at 12 months: Randomized Multicentre Trial

Presented at ACC.17 Scientific Sessions in Anaheim, CA, USA by Qiang Zhao (Ruijin Hospital, Shanghai)

News - Nov. 13, 2017

Main results


Combination therapy with ticagrelor plus aspirin significantly improves SVG patency 1 year after CABG when compared with aspirin monotherapy, without excess risk of major bleeding.

During the press conference, discussant John Alexander (Duke Clinical Research Institute, NC, USA) wondered out loud whether the objective was relevant, which he answered with yes, as ticagrelor is used in over 20% of patients. When considering whether the trial design was appropriate, he noted that in US practice, it is a little unusual that most patients were off-CBP during CABG. With SVG patency assessed in 90-95% of patients/grafts, he thought the trial was well conducted. More information could have been given on study drug compliance and concomitant therapy. Indeed the study showed significantly more patent vein grafts with T+A vs. A, and numerically fewer MACE were see with T+A vs. T and A, although very few events were seen, and the study was underpowered. More bleeding events and numerically more major bleeding were observed with T+A. Thus, Alexander concluded that the effect of ticagrelor on SVG patency as noted in DACAB is compelling, but will be insufficient to drive changes in practice. Thus far, the effects on MACE and bleeding trade-off are not adequately addressed. Clinical trials of DAPT post-CABG with clinical outcomes are needed, to get more insight into the relationship between SVG failure and subsequent outcomes, and to assess whether ticagrelor has benefits beyond SVG patency. Several such trials are underway, in the Netherlands and in USA and Canada (effect of ticagrelor on VG patency), in Germany (effect of ticagrelor on MACE) and one in Brazil is planned (prasugrel on MACE).


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