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Neurotoxin injection did not prevent the common complication of AF after cardiac surgery

AHA 2017 - Anaheim, CA, USA

3' education - Nov. 15, 2017 - AHA 2017 - Anaheim, CA, USA - Nathan Waldron, MD - Durham, NC, USA.

AHA 2017 The TNT-POAF study evaluated botulinum toxin as a way to modulate autonomous nervous system tone, to reduce post-operative AF. Time to first episode of AF and the incidence of POAF were numerically lower, but no significant improvements were seen.

Educational information

This 3-minute education provides a summary of just presented scientific data, recorded during the AHA 2017 congress. The objective is to provide a brief commentary and potential implications of these findings.


Nathan Waldron, MD is an adult cardiothoracic anesthesiologist at Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC, USA.

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The information and data provided in this program were updated and correct at the time of the program development, but may be subject to change.

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