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Post-ACS patients do not benefit from addition of a NOAC to DAPT

Meta-Analysis of the Safety and Efficacy of the Oral Anticoagulant Agents (Apixaban, Rivaroxaban, Dabigatran) in Patients With Acute Coronary Syndrome

Literature - Khan SU, Arshad A, Riaz IB, et al. - Am J Cardiol 2018;121:301–307

Main results


In patients with recent ACS, addition of NOAC to single antiplatelet therapy did not result in excessive bleeding events or reduction in MACE. Addition of NOAC to dual antiplatelet therapy did result in a modest MACE reduction but led to an increased bleeding risk. Among NOACs, only rivaroxaban plus DAPT reduced the risk of MACE, and dabigatran plus SAP was the safest approach.


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