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Statin therapy increases PCSK9 and Lp(a) levels in patients at high CV risk

Effect of atorvastatin, cholesterol ester transfer protein inhibition, and diabetes mellitus on circulating proprotein subtilisin kexin type 9 and lipoprotein(a) levels in patients at high cardiovascular risk

Literature - Arsenault BJ, Petrides F, Tabet F, et al. - J Clin Lipidol 2018; 12: 130–136

Main results

At baseline:

After 3 months of treatment:


In a sub-analysis of the ILLUMINATE study, in patients at high CV risk, PCSK9 and Lp(a) levels were dose-dependently increased by atorvastatin. The presence of T2DM was associated with higher PCSK9 levels and lower Lp(a) levels. Cholesterol ester transfer protein inhibition with torcetrapib slightly increased PCSK9 levels and decreased Lp(a) levels.


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