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Early intervention for lifetime CV risk reduction

Clinical updates in management of cardiovascular risk (1/4)

10' education - May 30, 2018 - Prof. John Deanfield, MD - University College London, London, UK - Online CME

CV risk factors that drive arterial disease in early life have a major impact on future CV risk. Communication about early lifestyle intervention to the public should be a major focus to reduce CV risk in later years.

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  • Accumulation of atherosclerosis during pre-clinical phase has a major impact future CV risk 1:00
  • Exposure to risk factors over life drives future CV outcomes 4:55
  • Communicate the idea of intervention during early life to patients and public 6:48
  • CV factors in early life drive cognitive decline in later years 11:02
  • How early should prevention start? 12:24

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This educational video is part of a series of 4 videos with the theme: Clinical Updates in Management of Cardiovascular Risk.

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Prof. John E Deanfield, MD is Professor of Cardiology, Director, National Centre for Cardiovascular Prevention and Outcomes, University College London, United Kingdom


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