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COVID-19, ACE2 and RAASi - a scientific perspective

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10' education - Apr. 19, 2020 - Prof. Jan Danser, PhD - Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

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  • An introduction about the renin-angiotensin system and ACE2 01:13
  • Hypotheses on ACE2 expression in response to RAASi and the effect in COVID-19 patients 03:51
  • Inconsistent animal data on ACE2 expression after RAASi 07:06
  • RAASi may be beneficial in COVID-19 patients 09:54
  • Take home messages 11:51

ACE inhibitors inhibit the enzyme ACE2

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  • Not true
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Educational information

The educational objective of this series of 3 videos is to provide cardiovascular physicians with current insights in ACE2 and the use of RAASi in the management of patients with COVID-19.


Jan Danser is Professor of Pharmacology and head of the Division of Pharmacology within the Pharmacology and Vascular Medicine Sector of the Department of Internal Medicine at the Erasmus MC in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.


This recording was independently developed under auspices of PACE-cme. The views expressed in this recording are those of the individual presenter and do not necessarily reflect the views of PACE-cme.


This educational program was sponsored by unrestricted educational grants from Vifor Pharma and Novartis.

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The information and data provided in this program were updated and correct at the time of the program development, but may be subject to change.

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