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Prognostic value of natriuretic peptides in patients with HF and kidney dysfunction

10' education - May 11, 2021 - Prof. James Januzzi, MD - Boston, MA, USA

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  • Physiology of natriuretic peptides 00:50
  • Use of natriuretic peptides for diagnosis, prognosis, risk assessment and therapy management in HF 03:30
  • Natriuretic peptides and kidney function 04:29
  • The two faces of cardio-renal syndrome 09:43
  • Conclusions 12:34

Educational information

This presentation was broadcasted at the e-SPACE CRM conference, a global web-conference on the cardio-renal-metabolic syndrome, that was held January 22-24, 2021.


James Januzzi is a member of the Massachusetts General Hospital Cardiology Division where he is the Roman W. DeSanctis Endowed Distinguished Clinical Scholar in Medicine. He is also the Hutter Family Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and is on faculty at the Harvard Clinical Research Institute, Boston, MA, USA.


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