Physicians' Academy for Cardiovascular Education

Lipid management and the potential role of bempedoic acid

10' education - Apr. 26, 2022 - Rens Reeskamp, MD, PhD - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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  • Introduction about LDL-c  0:13
  • What is bempedoïc acid? 4:27
  • Study results 5:38
  • Current status and future 8:39

Wat is the mechanism of action of bempedoic acid?

  • A. Similar as that of statine; it inhibits HMGR
  • B. It inhibits OAT2 in the kidneys, resulting in an increase of uric acid and creatinine, and a decrease of LDL-c
  • C. Conversion to the active drug in muscle cells results in LDLR upregulation
  • D. ACL inhibition results in reduced cholesterol synthesis and subsequently increased LDLR expression
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Rens Reeskamp is internist in training in the OLVG, Amsterdam and postdoctoral researcher at the department Vascular Medicine in the Amsterdam UMC, The Netherlands.


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