Physicians' Academy for Cardiovascular Education

Current treatment of Diabetes in Heart Failure

10' education - May 21, 2016 - ESC HF 2016, Florence, Italy - Adriaan Voors, MD - UMCG Groningen, The Netherlands

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  • HF and diabetes: a prevalent combination with poor prognosis 0:13
  • What the new ESC HF guidelines say about current anti-diabetic therapies in HF - insulin 2:18
  • Sulfonylureas should be used with caution 4:10
  • Metformin is safe and the treatment of choice in HF patients with diabetes 5:09
  • TZDs are not recommended in patients with HF 5:58
  • GLP-1 analogues and DPP4 inhibitors potentially increase risk, but safety data in HF is lacking 7:17
  • Overview of the ESC HF 2016 guideline recommendations on treatment of HF and diabetes 9:35

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