Physicians' Academy for Cardiovascular Education

SGLT2 inhibition and cardiovascular outcomes: lessons from recent clinical trials

10' education - May 21, 2016 - ESC HF 2016, Florence, Italy - David Fitchett, MD - University of Toronto, ONT, Canada

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  • EMPA-REG Outcome - the first CV endpoint trial of SGLT2-inhibition 0:18
  • Effect of empagliflozin on HbA1c, BP, weight and hematocrit 3:46
  • The reduction in the 3-point MACE with empagliflozin vs. placebo is mainly driven by reduced CV mortality 4:40
  • Heart failure outcomes with empagliflozin in EMPA-REG Outcome 7:21
  • Outcomes in patients with heart failure at baseline 9:09
  • Adverse events in EMPA-REG Outcome 11:21
  • Overall clinical benefit of empagliflozin 11:58

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