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To SPRINT or not to SPRINT to a lower blood pressure target?

10' education - Aug. 29, 2016 - ESC Rome, Italy - William C Cushman (Memphis, TN, USA) and Sverre E Kjeldsen (Oslo, Norway)

CSI ROME Nicolette van der Sande and Monique van Kleef (both Utrecht, The Netherlands) critically discuss the SPRINT trial results with William Cushman (Memphis, TN, USA) and Sverre Kjeldsen (Oslo, Norway). The professors disagree on whether these results should influence new guidelines.

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  • Why should we SPRINT to lower BP levels? 0:52
  • The opposite view: why the SPRINT trial did not provide evidence to lower BP to 120 mmHg. 2:33
  • So which BP target should be used? 3:51
  • What goal should be used, irrespective of the measurement method? 6:10
  • Arguments why the SPRINT results should be interpreted with caution 7:07
  • Speculating on future guideline recommendations. 9:09


William C Cushman - Professor of Preventive Medicine and Medicine at the University of Tennessee College of Medicine in Memphis, Chief Preventive Medicine Section at the Veterans Affairs (VA) Medical Center, Memphis, TN, USA

Sverre E Kjeldsen - Professor II - Department of Cardiology, UiO Institute of Clinical Medicine, Oslo, Norway

Nicolette van der Sande and Monique van Kleef - UMC Utrecht, The Netherlands

The speakers did not receive financial compensation for participating in these interviews

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