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Interim results of new device for treatment resistant hypertension

10' education - Aug. 29, 2016 - ESC Rome, Italy - Dr. Wilko Spiering (Utrecht, The Netherlands)

CSI ROME Nicolette van der Sande and Monique van Kleef (both Utrecht, The Netherlands) question Wilko Spiering (Utrecht, The Netherlands) about the interim results of the CALM-FIM study. This was a first-in-man study with a new device (MobiusHD) for patients with treatment resistant hypertension.

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  • What is the MobiusHD device? 0:24
  • Differences with other devices for resistant hypertension 1:09
  • First results CALM-FIM (BP lowering, safety) 2:01
  • Future studies with the MobiusHD device 3:46
  • Expectations with MobiusHD for the treatment of hypertension 4:57

Educational information

In the Cardiovascular Scene Investigation (CSI) series, young clinicians with an investigative mindset interview experts about the context and meaning of the results they just presented at the ESC congress.

The series is aimed to explore the background and practical implications of recent scientific developments, like those discussed in the Advances in Science session called 'Device-based treatments for hypertension' at the ESC Congress 2016, with speakers in this session.


Wilko Spiering - internist, vascular physician, UMC Utrecht, The Netherlands

Nicolette van der Sande and Monique van Kleef - UMC Utrecht, The Netherlands

The speakers did not receive financial compensation for participating in these interviews

The information and data provided in this program were updated and correct at the time of the program development, but may be subject to change.

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