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Epigenetics in CKD: Rationale for BET inhibition, an emerging therapeutic mechanism in renal disease and CVD

10' education - May 25, 2018 - ERA-EDTA - Copenhagen, Denmark - Louise Nordfors, PhD – Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden

Louise Nordfors describes several epigenetic mechanisms that have been described to be dysregulated in human disease and the rationale for BET protein inhibition to treat CV and renal disease.

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  • CpG methylation and histone modification are the most studied epigenetic mechanisms 01:07
  • Suggested links between alterations in epigenetic regulation and CKD 07:09
  • Histone modifications: writers, erasers, and readers 08:28
  • Bromodomain containing proteins / BET inhibitors 08:52
  • Clinical trials evaluating treatment with apabetalone 11:04

Educational information

This lecture was part of a CME accredited symposium: Epigenetics in CKD & CVD: A potential breakthrough therapy? held at ERA-EDTA in Copenhagen, Denmark.


Louise Nordfors, PhD - Senior researcher at Renal Medicine, Karolinska University Hospital and the Department of Clinical Science, Intervention and Technology (CLINTEC), Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden


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Funding for this educational program was provided by an unrestricted educational grant from Resverlogix.

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